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A Melody Meeks Mystery

"Think 'Bridget Jones

meets Dan Brown'"


"A whodunit murder mystery with a down to earth main character, travel, history bits and some good twists. Definitely a page turner!"

"This was a cracker of a read"

"I absolutely loved this book. I was hooked from the very beginning"

"I feel in love with the characters"

"...the murder mystery exceeded my expectations"

"I highly recommend this murder mystery"

"I would recommend this book to anybody who likes mysteries in general..."

"I can't wait to read the next Melody Meeks offering!"

Cover design and illustration: Myriam Wares
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Hello and welcome to my website!

I grew up in Heysham Village in Lancashire, the UK and studied history before launching a career in fundraising and marketing for International NGOs.


I have lived in London, Geneva, Rome, Bangkok and Panama

and love exploring the history and stories of the places I live.


I have a particular fascination with legends, pirates and roman history but also like reading (and writing) 'chick-lit' -- when it has a colourful cast and is set in a fabulous location (Check out The Bookshop of Panama). 

I now spend my time between New York, the UK and Rome with my husband Francesco and two cats Mimi and Bunny.

I write in my spare time.

Thank you for your interest in my books.

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The Bookshop of Panama

Suzanne's Debut Novel

2nd Edition 

Out Now!

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The Golden Serpent

The second book in the Melody Meeks Mysteries Series


Coming 2022

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"There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away"

Emily Dickinson


The Bookshop of Panama was first published by The Book Guild, in the UK.

The Treasure Seeker was first published by Dreaming Big Publications in the USA.

If either of these publications are interesting to you and you'd like to know more, I’d love to hear from you!

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Brooklyn, New York


Use the form to write to me or via: suzannehope1@hotmail.com

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