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A Melody Meeks Mystery

How well do you really know ex-lovers, friends and acquaintances from years gone by?


What would you do if you came face to face with the person you thought had murdered the love of your life?

Melody Meeks is a struggling freelance writer at Zenith magazine when a chance encounter on Facebook brings her back in touch with her first love, the love she never really got over: Spencer Channing. But little does she know that a simple click of a computer mouse will catapult her from London, to Rome and Panama on an unexpected adventure - a hunt for the long lost treasure of the privateer Sir Henry Morgan - and most importantly of all, on a hunt for the truth.

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Inspired by people, places and pirate legends, People You May Know takes unique elements from the past and collides them with the modern day. Set in fascinating places, including London, Rome and Panama, every page brings them to life taking the reader on a journey to truly unique locations around the world. This combined with the intrigue of pirate history and modern day treasure hunting make for a unique combination

-- and the first in the series of Melody Meeks Mysteries.



Drawing on the atmosphere of a city steeped in history and legends, the People You May Know, will take you on a tour of Rome to some well known locations such as the Pantheon and Trastevere, as well as many lesser heard about gems and local hangouts. 


Sir Henry Morgan was a Welsh Buccaneer who was active in the Caribbean in the 1600's. Basing himself in Port Royal Jamaica, where he owned a sugar Plantation and was married to Mary, it was his life as a privateer that gained him notoriety, especially his sacking of Panama City and his attacks on Porto Bello. Today he is perhaps best known for Morgan's Rum.


A passionate hobby for some, a multi million dollar business for others, treasure hunting is still alive and kicking in many of today's oceans - not just in the Caribbean. In July 2018 The Times newspaper reported archaeology experts recently estimated that Albania's waters are filled with priceless artifacts with the risk that they could soon be lost for good to private collectors on the black market.


Zapatillas are windswept, isolated, uninhabited islands a short boat ride from Bastimentos Island in the Bocas del Toro region of Panama.  They are a protected nature park and a turtle sanctuary where turtles lay their eggs during the nesting season from March to September.  They are also the islands where a local legend says Sir Henry Morgan buried treasure.

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"There is no way of getting away from a treasure...once it fastens itself upon our mind"

Joseph Conrad

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